Residents of Parika, East Bank Essequibo, are furious that every time the rain falls, they are sent home because the community health centre is flooded. Patients, mostly pensioners, explained the discomfort they face when they are denied service because of the rain.They alleged that for a number of years now, flooding is common at the facility,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, yet, nothing is being done,Wholesale Jerseys China, despite pleas to authoritative figures.The flooded pharmacy area.Kaieteur News was told that when rain falls, the medical officer’s office, the pharmacy and the waiting area are inundated.Evon Williams, 51, of Parika, said that she had gone to the health centre two Mondays ago for her regular insulin shot and was told to come back the next day. When she returned the Tuesday, she said staffers told her to return the following day because the place was still flooded. She said she has to get insulin from Monday to Friday, but the facility cannot accommodate her.Pulbassie Sukho of Parika Koker said she too was sent home because the compound and building were flooded. The visually impaired woman said that she was led to the health centre by her grandson only to hear that it was not operating. She too said that she has to get her dosage of insulin.Peter Street Parika resident, Looknauth, 61, blamed the flooding on clogged drains and indiscriminate dumping of garbage. This,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, he said, is a result of the area lacking garbage receptacles and the ‘any how’ behaviour that is exhibited by those mandated to maintain the community.The man told Kaieteur News that when it rains,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, the water rises to the level of the road and then the health centre is heavily flooded.Looknauth opined that taxpayers,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, especially pensioners, should not be dealing with such a situation. He added that the health centre is closed for the weekend and if rain falls during the week, they still can’t get service.  The man said that he personally engaged members of the Neighbourhood Democratic Council, “for nothing.”The flooded area where patients are treated.Harry Narine Deokinanan, an Alliance for Change councilor in Parika, told Kaieteur News that the health centre needs to be attended to immediately, because most of the persons using the facility are elderly; some are blind and have mobile problems.  He said that these people “are very poor and depend heavily on the health centre’s services.”Deokinanan added that complaints have been made about the health centre but they have not been followed up.  The residents however say that the village council withdraws itself from responsibilities of maintaining the centre.They argue that the health centre’s maintenance is the government’s job. Works have commenced on clearing small drains, but there will be no benefit, they said,NFL Jerseys Cheap, “because if the large drains are not cleared water will not flow out.”