–  “who don’t end up dead politically will come out badly wounded” – RoheeBy Abena RockcliffeGeneral Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee, yesterday went down on the Alliance For Change (AFC) like a ton a bricks for its recent merger with A Partnership for National Unity (APNU).PPP General Secretary,Cheap China Jerseys, Clement RoheeRohee, as he hosted his weekly press conference at Freedom House, told reporters that in his opinion, the AFC is done with. In fact,Wholesale China Jerseys, he went so far as to say that in signing the ‘Cummingsburg Accord’, the AFC signed its political “death warrant.”On Saturday last, APNU and the AFC signed the Cummingsburg Accord,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, an agreement that sealed the deal for the two political forces to head to the May 11 polls as a single entity.Even as Rohee bashed AFC yesterday for its decision to coalesce,Cheap NFL Jerseys Online, he said that a major fight is on the way and indicated that only the strong will survive.“I think the AFC has signed their death warrant. They are quite likely to be the biggest losers in an election that will be hotly contested in a two-way fight,” said the PPP General Secretary, adding “who don’t end up dead politically will come out badly wounded.”Rohee claimed that the PPP was not surprised by the move to coalesce,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, saying that AFC and APNU have “been working in tandem to frustrate the PPP’s agenda in Parliament.”He however said that what the PPP found “most nauseating” is the depths to which AFC has sunk in an attempt to seek political power.The General Secretary said that “the insatiable appetite for power has resulted in the AFC being forced to swallow their pride after having stated categorically that the party would never enter into an alliance with APNU in the first place, and afterwards, to cede the presidential slot to APNU, despite assurances to its membership and the wider public that it will only enter into a coalition unless it gets the presidential candidacy”.Rohee added that the Cummingsburg Accord “will be remembered with shame down the corridors of time as the day of betrayal of principles on the part of the AFC” which, he noted had vowed never to join forces with APNU in any electoral alliance.The politician said, the fact that the AFC ended up having to give up on its demand to lead the pro-democracy alliance,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping, is indicative of the lack of clout of the Party within the structure of the alliance.Rohee recalled that Nagamootoo was proposed as Speaker of the National Assembly following the November 2011 General and Regional Elections which gave the combined opposition a one-seat majority, and pointed out that Nagamootoo failed to get the support of APNU for that post.He said however that “today he is touted as Prime Ministerial candidate in the new opposition outfit, a post which he opportunistically accepted with the full knowledge that he is a mere appendage to a bigger game plan hatched by the Granger-led PNC to remove the PPP/C government from office.”Rohee called on Guyanese to learn from the lessons of history and “not allow themselves to be duped by those who are prepared to sacrifice the good of this nation to satisfy their lust for power”.He urged that citizens reject these “modern day Judases” who he said would have no difficulty whatsoever in selling their hearts and soul for a few pieces of silver in their quest to enter the political kingdom.