From de time dem boys hear that Brazzy and de rest of dem was building de Marriott dem know that scampishness been bout. Fuh one,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, Brazzy, Jagdeo and Ash Knee claim that dem didn’t have enough money fuh build de hotel but that dem gun build it anyhow.When dem boys question dem all of dem claim how de hotel project is a big thing fuh Guyana and that nuff Guyanese gun get wuk. Dem sign a contract and everybody know that any savings is de contractor own but Brazzy claim how de saving is he own.Then dem boys find out that when Guyanese go to look fuh wuk de Contractor tell dem,Nike Air Max Cheap Wholesale, “Solly,NFL Jerseys China, no vacancy.” When de workers go to Brazzy he tell dem that dem can’t talk de language and that dem lazy but when de hotel done 200 of dem gun get wuk.Well if at de start dem can’t get wuk, how dem gun get wuk at de end when Brazzy,Cheap Jerseys Online, he whole family and de Bees and dem family got to get de first preference?De other day he claim how dem still ain’t get all de money fuh de hotel although dem done pay de contractor. Wheh de money come from only dem know. Dem boys know too. Is thiefing money. But Uncle Adam and de Waterfalls boss man prepare to help out,Adidas NHL Jerseys China, even if dem got to tek de investment and put it in dem pocket. De two gun invest $20 million because dem want a li’l piece of de action. Dem don’t want to lef everything to Brazzy and de King Bee and dem other Bees.Delta want a piece of de action too. Of course,Wholesale Stitched NFL Jerseys, Brazzy and Ash Knee finding excuse why dem don’t want outsiders. De excuse mek Delta get vex and decide to pull out of Guyana. De airplane people seh that dem ain’t getting enough money from de plane suh dem want to share in de wealth from de hotel.And if nobody can’t share dem boys gun support de move fuh cut off de money that Brazzy pushing into de hotel. That is why de matter gone to court.But before that dem boys gun lead a picketing exercise at de hotel. Talk half and wait duh de protest.