If you didn’t live in Guyana you would believe that everything wrong in this country is de new govt cause it.Venezuela come till in Guyana waters,Nike NFL Jerseys China, air and land and  flex dem muscle wid surface to air missiles and sophisticated war tanks wha dem seh better than wha Uncle Sam got,Wholesale Jerseys, never mind dem look ugly and rusty.Is Jagdeo put de country in this. De money that he mek disappear. Had he spent a quarter on defence, Maduro would a never think about coming half way in Venezuela towards de border.Instead, de scamp buy a gunboat wha a slingshot more dangerous than.  He never seh how much he pay,Wholesale China Jerseys, but dem boys believe he pay US$50,000 and dig out US$3 million from de Treasury.Guyana never see that gunboat to date and fuh sure it ain’t deh nowhere near guarding his mansion. Then he buy a water cannon that never meet Buxton. It was going to Linden and never reach. It breakdown pun de highway.When dem do decide to do de test, a lady stand up and seh she can pee more forceful and further than de water cannon. Jagdeo never tell de nation how much he pay fuh that piece of crap.Then he buy two helicopter that palm fly and even butterfly can fly faster. One fall out de sky de first day it went up and dem boys don’t want to seh that he should have been inside.De other helicopter use to fly around de city,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, parts of East Coast, West Coast and East Bank looking fuh criminals and all dem use to see every night is Jagdeo.This is de Guyana Jagdeo create or mold over de years from 1999,Stitched NFL Jerseys, nearly two decades pass. Dem three things he buy, de gunboat, de water cannon and de helicopter nobody don’t know wheh dem deh.In fact,Cheap NFL Jerseys, he pull out de teeth from de country and made us into toothless poodles.Don’t be surprised that by next week he gun start cussing de army and Soulja Bai fuh not being able to respond to Venezuela’s BS.Talk half and de Waterfalls boss man still waiting to pay fuh de chandelier.