The Guyana Goldfields Inc. (GGI) Aurora mill is expected to begin maximum operation in a few weeks as the GGI moves from exploration into gold production.With maximum operation, GGI, Guyana’s sole large scale gold producer, will be on its way of achieving its 10,000 to 15,000 ounces of gold a month.On Tuesday, GGI poured its first gold bar in 19 years,Cheap Jerseys 2018, signalling its foray into large scale gold production in Guyana. It also hosted mine, mill and camp tours for invited guests.When questioned during a tour to the mill, an AGM official explained to this newspaper that an account of how much gold has been recovered thus far was now completed. The Aurora mill is used to recover gold from rocks or saprolite.The official, who is one of the mill’s operations supervisors, went on to say that the mill is currently not functioning at full capacity. He said that the current operation is nowhere close to what the mill can produce. He explained that, currently, the mill is operating at a lowered rate as part of on-going tests. These tests began about a month ago, he added.“We should be testing for the next week or two. We don’t want to test at full capacity and something might go wrong,” the official said. He further stated that Aurora first began testing with full waste products before “little by little” they added a little bit of gold grain to the mix.A section of the Aurora Gold Mine millThe Rory Knoll’s pit“We started off with the waste then we made sure everything was working,Wholesale China Jerseys, then we started to test our recovery methods, to see if our recovery methods are working,” he said.He said that this was to ensure that valuable products were not wasted during the testing period. “If we bring our good stuff and it doesn’t work then all goes to waste,” he said. Of course,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, he said, the tests will soon come to an end but is slowly increasing as time progresses.“It’s an investment so it’s not something we want to test on immediately. So, we’re kind of on a ramp up sort of thing,” he added.At Aurora,Wholesale MLB Jerseys 2018, gold recovery is undergone through two methods. The first method is gravity recovery which is similar to panning for gold. The gold is placed in a rapidly spinning machine and, because of its weight; it sticks to the sides of the machine while the other lighter minerals pass out. This method has a recovery rate of about 20 to 30 percent.The second method is the use of cyanide. In this method, cyanide is added to large tanks to dissolve the gold. Once it is dissolved, carbon is added and the gold cyanide molecules stick to the chemical. This process is then reversed and the gold is extracted. Use of cyanide leads to a recovery rate of about 97 percent.Mike Papadakis, Mill Manager,Cheap Jerseys, explained that the cyanide is disposed of through a detoxification process. Two chemicals are added to break down the cyanide and make it safe for proper disposal, Papadakis said.For Aurora, there are 8 million ounces spread across the current reserves, GGI Founder Patrick Sheridan said. Over 75 percent of this reserve is in Rory’s Knoll,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, which was discovered in 2004. Currently, the rock or saprolite received for the mill is from Rory’s Knoll.Work is still on-going in this pit. The second phase is expected to come on-stream in January 2016.Additionally, there are a number of open pits that will be utilized in the future. These are the Aleck’s Hill, Mad Kiss, North Aleck’s Hill, and Walcott Hill.GGI first began exploration work in 1996 in Guyana and with the Aurora mine it has begun its venture into industrial level gold production. Construction of the Aurora mine commenced in 2013 at an approximate value of US$250M.According to AGM, total gold production has been estimated at 3.29 million ounces in the set 17-year lifespan.With its entry into the industry, GGI is Guyana’s only large-scale gold producer following the departure of OMAI Mines several years ago.