By Ralph SeeramIt was amusing to read a few days ago about the Guyana Police Force seizing hundreds of pornographic DVDs from the market and from street vendors in Georgetown. When you consider the crime situation in the capital city, the unsolved murders, gun violence, the daily robberies against individuals and businesses, you would think that the police would utilize their limited resources to solve crimes as well as for crime prevention instead of wasting it on poor vendors who are just eking out a living selling images of what basically transpires in our bedrooms every night (well for some of us not every night).If selling pornographic DVDs is a crime in Guyana then the government needs to remove it from its books. I am not talking about selling to minors here. That obviously should remain illegal. I am talking about selling adult movies to adults, grown men and women. There is no victim here, what’s the crime here. Further,Cheap NFL Jerseys, what transpires in the bedroom is no business of government.The problem is that society has been indoctrinated by some religions to make sex a dirty word, as if it is not something pleasurable to be enjoyed. The truth is that Guyana needs to move out from the 18th century into the 21st century. The reality is that pornographic movies are here to stay. This is probably the largest single industry in the world. The revenues of the porn industry surpass the combined revenues of Microsoft, Apple,Cheap China Jerseys, Google, eBay, Yahoo and Amazon combined.It is so big that corporate America has gone mainstream and getting in the act. Companies like Direct TV owned by Rupert Murdoch reportedly earns about US$10M per month; AT&T through its Broadband Internet services, is said to be earning over US$20M a month while hotels such as Marriott earns millions of dollars per month by offering pornographic movies. It is said that porn generates over US$500M per month from hotels, contributing substantially to their revenues.According to Family Safe Media, a few years ago revenues from porn worldwide totaled some US$97B. You know which country generated more revenues— China followed by South Korea, Japan then the US. This is real folks, it is the real world not the artificial one that the religious would like us to believe.Do you know when the word SEX is used as a search word which country tops the list of request? Pakistan, followed by India, Egypt, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Vietnam, Iran and Croatia. Do you recognize the pattern in the countries listed? Eight of those countries are Muslim-dominated countries where women are basically dominated by men, where sexuality is repressed.The US is the largest producer of porn,NFL Jerseys China, but do you know the country that is regarded as the second largest producer of porn? Guyana’s next door neighbor, Brazil. The world can’t get enough of those Brazilian women. Some of you may be wondering why I am quoting statistics; it is merely to show the big picture that porn movies are not the taboo they once were, at least not in the real world.Every second some 28,000 people are watching porn. Seventy two percent of men are reported to visit adult sites as opposed to 28 per cent of women. But then again the survey showed that 72 per cent of women keep their cyber activities secret, meaning more women than men probably visit porn sites.Not surprising, some 47 per cent of Christians said it is a major problem in the home. You don’t have to wonder why.Of course there is the moral side of the issue as well as what social consequences it has on society. A common argument is that pornography contributes to rape and dehumanizes women. This argument comes from mainly religious/conservative groups. Various studies have debunked that argument.In fact, research proves that rapes decreased in societies that had more availability of porn. Greater availability and exposure does not necessarily translate to an increase of sexual assaults, the opposite proved true. Exposure to and tolerance of pornography does not cause anti social behavior.There are some valid arguments against pornography; these are not criminal but rather psychological in nature.For some it’s the de facto sex education. This could lead to higher expectation of sex partners,Cheap NFL Football Jerseys, or sometimes lead to an inferiority complex meaning that they can’t “measure up”. Porn is basically meant for sexual arousal —short and simple. It is meant to help with the foreplay.As a matter of fact, when one is pressed for time, porn can speed up arousal and cut down on foreplay time, a kind of a short cut to sex. The debate can go on and on but the simple fact is selling X-rated DVD should not be a criminal offence.The bad news for those selling porno movies is that in this internet age and the abundance of free porno sites on the internet those vendors will become obsolete soon. I mean who needs to buy DVDs when they can go on Youjizz and see everything for free?For those on the religious side, especially Christians, I will recall a story I read recently where a prisoner after reading a free bible he received in prison, remarked it was the most pornographic book he read,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, he may have some truth there, just read the story of Lot and his two daughters Genesis 19:30-38.And while you have the bible in hand you may want to check out Genesis 34:1 the rape of Dinah, as well as the story of Tamar and Judah Genesis 38: and Tamar and Amnon, 2 Samuel:9-20. These are the written words, could you imagine if they had the DVD technology in those days, we would have been watching instead of reading the bible today.But then again some would have called for it to be banned as porn. You just can’t please some people.Reference: for this article includes Family Safe Media,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, Huffington Post, Professor James B weaver Virginia Polytechnic GarthZietsman ( FreakoStats) and also the good book the Bible.Ralph Seeram can be reached at email: [email protected]