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As innovations go, this one went backward.

The Patriots weren't fooled. Anderson got tackled immediately, but making matters worse,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, the Colts were ruled for an illegal formation because not enough players on the right side were at the line of scrimmage.
New England declined the penalty and Tom Brady took the Patriots in for a touchdown on the ensuing short drive for a 34-21 lead early in the fourth quarter,Cheap NFL Jerseys Store.
Facing a fourth-and-3 from their own 37,Wholesale China Jerseys, the Indianapolis Colts lined up in punt formation,NFL Jerseys From China, then shifted all but two players to the right side of the field. Next, wide receiver Griff Whelan, who lined up as the center, snapped the ball to safety Colt Anderson,Cheap Jerseys, who was playing quarterback.
The latest from NFL games around the league on the sixth Sunday of the season (all times EDT):