Minister of Public Health Dr. George Norton said that the Berbice Regional Health Authority is illegal. His comments came during a visit to Berbice.He met with the Board of Directors of the Health Authority in the entity board room at Garrison Road, Fort Canje,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, East Berbice.“There is no legislation in place to cover the existence of that body. The Minister said that there is no legislation that guides the body. It cannot hire or fire; it is not even an established body,” said Minister Norton.The Board was enacted in 2005 and from all indications,Cheap China Jerseys, it was the former Minister who had the authority to legalise the board; However, the document that was in his possession to sign, was never attended to,” the Minister said.Minister Norton added that the body has no power to make decisions regarding health service delivery in the Region. It makes the system no different from that which exists in other Regions.“We will look at the legislation once again and do what is necessary and make the necessary adjustments so that the entity will function without any form of legislation, giving them authority if necessary to hire and fire,” the Minister stressed.He expressed optimism that the Board can function effectively once given the authority; however,Cheap Jerseys 2018, there must be changes to the body and how it operates….some changes in terms of the personnel,Cheap NFL jerseys China, because “you can have the best system in place, but if you don’t have the right personnel,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Authentic, it will continue to fail.”Despite its illegality the BRHA has been functioning as a de facto organization with an independent budget. Millions of dollars have been spent by this body for all kinds of services and although it doesn’t have the authority it hires and fires personnel at will.The body, since its inception, has been run by former PPP Member of Parliament Dr. Vishwarnauth Mahadeo,Authentic Adidas Hockey Jerseys China, who is the CEO. It has its own staff that is paid super salaries.  Many wonder about the purpose of the Regional Health Authority and why only in Region Six one was established.During the last election campaign employees of this body were openly campaigning for the PPP during working hours.  The vehicles used by this body were also openly being used to put up posters. The employees were also on nightly television programmes campaigning for the former government.