Kluwe attorney Clayton Halunen said he and the Vikings had agreed to continue settlement discussions,Authentic NHL Jerseys.
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is backing away from his threat to sue the team over alleged discrimination — for now,Cheap China Jerseys Authentic.
The Vikings suspended Priefer for three games and made a donation to gay advocacy groups that was less than Kluwe wanted. He also accused the team of cutting him over his activism in favor of gay marriage in Minnesota,Jerseys China Wholesale, a claim the team denied.
Kluwe vowed last week to sue because he was unhappy with the team's resolution of his complaint against special teams coordinator Mike Priefer for alleged anti-gay slurs,Wholesale Jerseys.
Vikings spokesman Jeff Anderson said Halunen had contacted the team to request the talks,Cheap China NFL Jerseys. He declined further comment,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys.