By Romila BoodramA fire ripped through a two-storey home at Lot 69 Bella Dam,NFL Jerseys China, West Coast Demerara last Friday and left four people homeless.The fire, which started about 07:30 hrs, quickly ravaged the two bedroom house. It did not spread to the other buildings nearby.Joseph CallThose without a place to call home are Joseph Call, his wife,Wholesale NFL Jerseys USA, Alisha Call and his two step daughters, Sasha and Shontae.Yesterday,NFL Jerseys China, Joseph Call, the head of the home told Kaieteur News that he worked as a fisherman for years and saved every penny to build a comfortable home for his family. His years of hard work vanished in a minute, he said.“This is unbelievable. I am sitting here and don’t know what to do next. When I look at what is left of my home,Cheap Jerseys From China, I am speechless and confused,” a visibly shocked Call stressed.Kaieteur News understands that no one was at home when the fire started in the second room of the building.“I don’t have electricity in the home. I didn’t use the stove for two days because my wife is in Bartica and her daughters were in Sophia. The fire started on the bed but I had nothing in that room,NFL Jerseys Supply,” the fisherman posited.The morning of the fire, he explained,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, he was at work when one of his stepdaughters called to enquire about his whereabouts.“She called and asked me where I was and when I said I was still at work, she asked me if our house was on fire and I said no. Then she said that her aunt called and told her. After she hang up, my wife called from Bartica and asked me the same thing,” Call stressed.The burnt out building.He added that when he arrived home a little after 09:00hrs Friday morning, he was shocked to see only the four walls.“Nothing got saved. Neighbours told me that they couldn’t do anything because the blaze was too much,” a distraught Call said.Yesterday, when this newspaper visited him, he was seen putting zinc sheets together to form a shelter for him to sleep. “I have nowhere to go. I have a hammock there that I am sleeping in when the night come.”Call is of the view that someone may have set his home on fire. “It got someone who does thief out my ducks and money. The day before the fire, they thief $4000 and a duck and I talk about it loud. They heard so I don’t know if this is their way of taking revenge.”Call estimated his loses to be approximately $4M.The shelter made by Call