Historic? Bears-Packers, of course.
Fans argue vociferously about the best rivalry in the NFL.
"I feel like I have a chance to go out and play freely and enjoy the game, enjoy this moment and be out there with my teammates," Vick said.
There's a caveat with Thursday night's meeting, though: no Big Ben.
Intense? Try Raiders-Chiefs,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys.
The Ravens haven't lost their faith despite their fruitless start to the season.
Vick believes otherwise,Cheap NFL Jerseys China.
Roethlisberger's absence has a huge impact on the point spread. Although the Ravens (tied for No. 22 in AP Pro32) are 0-3 and the Steelers (tied for No. 9) are 2-1,NFL Jerseys Clearance, Baltimore is favored by 2 1-2 points.
Guess the oddsmakers figure Baltimore is as desperate as a team could be after three tight defeats, and that Michael Vick can't provide the spark Pittsburgh's offense will need.
"Win one game and we're 1-3. Big deal, we're 1-3," quarterback Joe Flacco said. "So,China Jerseys Wholesale, I think that the biggest thing for us is going to be to keep our attitude right. Because if we don't do that,Cheap Jerseys Store, then we're going to have no chance. If we do it, man, the fact that we're 0-3 right now doesn't mean anything."
For pure ferocity,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, Pro Picks will take Ravens-Steelers.
Pro Picks agrees, somewhat. Expect it to be close.

RAVENS, 20-17