With the traffic landscape in Guyana changing rapidly due to the influx of several vehicles,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, and with the expansion of several communities in inland areas,Cheap China Jerseys, the Guyana Police Force’s crime fighting capabilities received a shot in the arm with the acquisition of 20 brand new Lifan scrambler motorcycles.Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee officially handed over the bikes to Police Commissioner Henry Greene at a simple ceremony attended by several senior officers at Police Headquarters,Cheap Air Max Shoes With Free Shipping, Eve Leary.Rohee said that the presentation is yet another manifestation of the government’s commitment to increasing the mobile capacity of the Guyana Police Force.He said that the resort to motorcycles to fight crime is a measure that the government believes will go a far way,Wholesale Jerseys, since it is the new trend around the world to make mobility in growing cities a priority.His sentiments were echoed by Commissioner Greene,Wholesale Jerseys China, who pointed out that motorcycles are critical elements in fighting crime in heavily trafficked and rough terrain areas.The Commissioner assured that they will enable the force to provide effective law enforcement.The recently acquired motorcycles will also boost the Force’s Christmas policing strategies,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, since they will strengthen the patrol capabilities around the city.