The Bartica Interim Management Community/Neighbourhood Democratic Council (IMC/NDC) is callingPublic Relations and Press Officer, Sherwyn Downerfor the swift lowering of speedboat fares between Bartica and Parika. In a statement issued by Public Relations and Press Officer, Sherwyn Downer, it was pointed out that the Bartica IMC/NDC has been quietly observing a situation that could be construed as exploitation of passengers.Downer said that the body is calling on the Bartica Speed Boat Association (BSBA) to implement moves towards a reduction of the speedboat fare. He said that currently Barticians are forced to pay a fare of $2,500 per passenger.Downer added that over the years the BSBA has independently carried out its functions, which include but have not been limited to,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, the almost indiscriminate increase of fares.Compounding the situation,China Jersyes Cheap, Downer said, is the fact that Barticians are still awaiting a landing dock at Parika dedicated to passengers arriving from Bartica.“This has long been a major concern,Cheap Jerseys From China,” added Downer.“Because the boat captains would moor their boats wherever they choose,NFL Jerseys Supply, oftentimes these areas are not safe and I believe could potentially be life threatening and therefore do not lend to the comfort of the passengers.”This situation, the Public Relations and Press Officer said,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, is further impacted by “hustlers pulling and tugging at passengers, a situation that must also be addressed urgently by the BSBA.”And so on the basis that measures have not been put in place to ensure passengers’ safety,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, Downer said that the Bartica IMC/NDC is calling for a reduced fare of at least $1,800 per passenger. This Downer believes can be easily implemented given the fact that there has recently been a drop in fuel prices.