Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry sentenced a 23 –year –old man to a total of four years’Jailed: Joel Johnsonimprisonment, after he pleaded guilty to having an illegal firearm and ammunition in his possession. The accused was also fined $100,Cheap NHL Jerseys Online,000.Joel Johnson,Cheap Jerseys From China, who told the court that he has a three-month-old baby, had seven .38 rounds ammunition in his possession,Cheap NFL Jerseys, at Arakaka, Barima –Waini, without being the hold of a firearm licence.He also had a .38 pistol in his possession without being the holder of a firearm licence at the same locationThe prosecution stated that the defendant was employed as a labourer at a shop at Four Mile. On the day in question,Cheap Jerseys, he went to a nearby shop in the same area to visit a female friend. As a result, they had a misunderstanding and an argument ensued. The accused then threatened to shoot his female friend. The frightened woman then reported the matter to the police station.Subsequently, the police came to the shop in which the accused is employed and conducted a search in his presence,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, and the firearm and ammunition were recovered. At the time of the search the defendant was the only person at the shop.He was cautioned, told of the offence, arrested and charged.When given the opportunity to address the court, Thompson explained that the gun was never in his possession,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, since it did not belong to him. He said that the illegal weapon was given to him by his boss, Rhonda Samuels for security purposes.“I showed my friend the gun and give she one of the rounds, she tek the gun and went to the station and mek a report”, the defendant recalled.He further claimed that the officers assaulted him and told him that they would  continue if he did not surrender the gun.The accused was given a two years jail term on the gun possession charge and another two years on the ammunition charge. The sentences will run concurrently.