Fourteen year old Cassandra Dowlatram was up to yesterday afternoon unable to walk,Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale, after she was bitten by a snake last Tuesday at Susannah’s Rust.According to relatives,Cheap China Jerseys, the child had been taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation’s  (GPHC)  Emergency Unit around 19:30 hrs after travelling from Susannah’s Rust; some 12 miles up the Demerara River.She was bitten on the ankle and was reportedly given a drug called Espesiphico by relatives shortly after the snakebite.After being rushed to the GPHC and arriving almost an hour after the incident,Authentic China Jerseys, Dowlatram was made to wait in the emergency unit for close to four hours before being attended to.Kaieteur News understands that the family had first approached the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, but was turned away and told that only the GPHC had the required treatment available.Upon arriving at the GPHC,Authentic Adidas Hockey Jerseys China, family members of the young girl were told that there was only one doctor on duty at the time,Wholesale China Jerseys, and that Dowlatram would have to wait.Dowlatram was observed in the room clutching at her ankle and sobbing with pain. The ankle was swollen and discoloured.Kaieteur News understands that she was treated well after midnight Tuesday,jerseys cheap nfl, and was up to yesterday unable to walk.