Police have detained a resident from a squatting community in Tucville for the murder of R.K Security Service guard,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Simone Coleridge.An official said that the man was arrested on Thursday, and detectives are attempting to see if his fingerprints match those they lifted from articles that were stolen from Uncle Eddie’s Home, where the brutal killing occurred.Kaieteur News understands,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, that the suspect, said to be about 30, has had previous arrests for burglary and was questioned about a robbery as recently as last week.A source said, detectives are focusing on the suspect because of his criminal background and his description also matches that of an intruder that Coleridge had twice confronted in the nursing home some four weeks ago.An autopsy conducted yesterday,NFL Jerseys Outlet, revealed that the 43-year-old guard was manually strangled. She also suffocated when the killers stuffed a piece of cloth in her mouth.However, Kaieteur News understands that there were no signs of sexual assault according to the postmortem.Simone Coleridge’s body was found around 02:00 hours on Wednesday in the lobby of the benevolent home.Her mouth was taped, her hands tied behind her back and both feet were bound by the thieves who escaped with a small refrigerator,Jerseys China Cheap NFL, a microwave oven and a television set in what appeared to be a vengeful attack.Police recovered the items which were stashed at a location opposite the home.Detectives had questioned at least one man from the nearby East La Penitence squatting community on Wednesday, but subsequently released him.Kaieteur News was told that the bandits gained entry by unscrewing the hinges from a northern door. It is believed that after severing the telephone lines,Wholesale Jerseys China, they immediately confronted Coleridge who was sitting in the eastern section of the home.An official said that a night nurse,NFL Jerseys Clearance, who was in her room, realised that intruders were on the premises and pushed open her door.The official also mentioned that the bandits apparently heard the door being opened and fled, taking the refrigerator and other items.In the wake of the killing, two male guards from another firm have been posted at the nursing home.